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Pediatric Chiropractic in Green Bay

Dr Scott adjusting babyLife can be stressful, even from the moment of birth! Although often overlooked, birth trauma can profoundly impact a child’s health. And while we as adults discuss our own stress levels, it’s important to remember that our children can also experience stress.

Helping Kids Destress and Flourish

Pediatric chiropractic has proven to be a game-changer, addressing various chronic conditions such as constipation, allergies, ADHD, stress, anxiety, sleep issues, and behavioral challenges. But why do these conditions arise in the first place? It’s because their developing systems are under stress, leading to dysfunction.

That’s why it’s crucial for children to be checked by a chiropractor. “By identifying and addressing the root causes of their stress, we can support their development and set them on a path to lifelong wellness. After all, it’s easier to help a developing child than to fix a broken adult,” said Dr. Scott.

kid laying down during adjustment

What to Expect

Similar to adult patients, we’ll provide electronic paperwork ahead of time to streamline the process. We’ll start with a thorough consultation and review of your child’s health history. Then, we’ll move into advanced scans using cutting-edge technology such as INSiGHT thermography and potentially surface EMG, depending on your child’s age. We may do heart rate variability (HRV) testing as well.

These assessments allow us to evaluate the functionality of your child’s nervous system and pinpoint any imbalances or miscommunications that may be causing stress. Chiropractic exams will be performed next.

We’ll discuss our findings from the exams and scans with you at this appointment. Then, we’ll create a customized care plan to allow your child’s body to heal properly and reconnect.

Next will be your child’s first adjustment. You might be curious if we use specific techniques for adjusting children. Dr. Scott adapts his techniques to each child and doesn’t follow a rigid framework. Every child is unique, and so is their treatment plan.

Day three and subsequent visits involve bringing your child to their scheduled appointments to support their progress.

A Young Patient Success Story

A little girl came in with significant growth delays, severe anxiety, and the need for growth hormone shots. Through the power of chiropractic care, she experienced remarkable progress. Her height and weight surged to the 75th percentile, and her anxiety diminished. After being homeschooled, she returned to public school and graduated from high school. Witnessing her transformation was truly awe-inspiring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put nervous kids at ease?

Our approach is simple: we treat them like kids. We build trust and understanding by engaging in friendly conversation, demonstrating the process, and involving parents. Education is key, ensuring that children know what to expect rather than feeling forced into something unfamiliar.

Why does my child need chiropractic adjustments?

The answer lies in the coordination of the nervous system. By maintaining clear communication between the brain and spinal cord, we support their development and their ability to heal faster and better.

Get on the Path to Wellness

We want to help your youngster experience optimal health at every age. Contact Radiant Life Chiropractic, “The Posture Doc” today to book an appointment!


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